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I'VE GOT SICK -- Laryngitis

Two days ago, I have fever after preschool, it was make me so sick. I went home directly, wanna see my Mom (she was sick too,,, thypus), I love being around her while I've got sick... When she found out that I've got fever,, she was very worry and called my Dad immediately. "Sammy got sick, he has a bad fever after his pre school",,, that message from my Mom to Dad...

Mean while, I felt so tired at the time,,, and I've got sleep.... I didn't know when my Dad's arrived home. I just knew when I woke up several hours later. "My son,,, you've got very bad fever", my Dad's told me. I have to take medicine to reduce fever.. It wasn't good for me at the time,,cause I feel no good at all. Well,,, I've just a little kids,,, all I wanna do is playing all the time,,, It was true that I've got ill, but my Dad already home,,,so,,,I played with him.

The first think I felt while I was sick, I couldn't sing as usual,,, It was not good, because I wanna show my parents, a new song from pre school....

Today,,, they brought me to the hospital, to see a doctor. After wait for long queing, I saw the doctor,,,, he advised my parents to get me a blood test... Well,, I was so affraid,,,not just the hospital, even the doctors and nurses,,especially, they wanna took my blood for test.... Struggling from the blood test process,,, I fell free at last, because I can go home finally. The doctor said that I've got LARYNGITIS,,, I should take the medicine and have enough rest... there are many possibilities causing laryngitis,,,,

Laryngitis Causes

Laryngitis is usually caused by a virus or occurs in people who overuse their voice. Occasionally, you may develop laryngitis from bacterial infections and, rarely, from infections such as tuberculosis, syphilis, or a fungal infection. People with prolonged laryngitis should see their doctor to be checked for tumors, some of which may be cancerous. Smokers are especially at risk for cancer.

Laryngitis Symptoms

  • The most common symptoms of laryngitis
    • Hoarseness
    • Feeling a tickle in your throat
    • The urge to constantly clear your throat
    • Fever
    • Cough
    • Congestion
  • Many times laryngitis may develop with, or a few days after, a sore throat.

When I feel Upset

When I Feel Upset

It's already day 4th, when my Mom is sick. She seems so weak and pale.... I don't know what really happened to her,,, my Dad took her to hospital (the place that I usually avoid,,). She met the doctor and adviced her to took a blood test in to the Lab,,, It seems so scary when you see the doctor and they advice you to take a blood test,,, I do have the experienced, while I was so little,,, My parents always took me to the hospital to see our family doctor,,,especially when I got fever... I should took a blood test to find out and figure what's really wrong with my fever.... Hhhh,,, you can imagine that,,,

After take several hours,,, my parents finally got the blood test result,,and attach it to the doctor again,,, well,,what the doctor said about the test,,,, my Mom got thypus,,,, she has to get rest for several days,,, At first, I am really happy because my Mom at home all the day,,, I can play with her and give her my new song from playgroup.... Not long,, my Dad told me that I have to care about Mom, because she was sick and maybe can not play with me for several days even she's home,,,,,

Wooww,,, it upset me,,, I don't think of that,, all I know if my Mom can stay at home,,it's the sign that I can play with her all day,,,, Now I can't sing with my Mom while she's still sick,,,,, Oh,, I pray God for my Mom's health,,,,

Laughs Is Better Medicine

I always laughs,,,even I enjoy it... My Dad always tell me that laugh is a better medicine,,,so if I laughs,,I've got a better medicine.. It will strenght my heart, and give me a fresh simulation in my body.. Well,, I lauhghs louder and fell free for my self,, after all I am just a little baby..

Of course I am crying too ,,, that's natural isn't it... nothing wrong with crying... at night, that the time I used to cry... there are so many reason to make me cry,,, pissing, bite by ant, mosquito or when I feel sad if I haven't found my parent beside me,,,

He,, he,, he,,, fell free at any time by laughing................



I Do Wanna Be a Biker

My Dad's has a bike that we used to go around. For me, it is too big to ride.. but I always wanna try to ride it..It is always fun when my Dad's and Mom's took me along with that bike.... I can feel the wind, and fresh air (of course if there is no other big vehicle in front),,, Seeing the road and the environtment along the ride will be very pleasure experience while you are at my age.

Once, we did ride in a small village in West Kalimantan. At first, it was a good travel, suddenly the weather change very quickly,,, and here came the big rain.... Wooow,,, what a troule we have... My Dad's decided that we have to step by,,,, so we went to a small store and wait for the rain over there...

Now,,, we live in a big town,,, my
Dad's change his bike to a small one,,, efficience and don't take much effort to ride it he said ... In fact, in my city, there are millions bike at the street.... You can image,,, seems that every people in my town has a bike,,,,,,, There will be frustating if you ride in my town, cause you will be surrounding by bike,,,,,

,,, I think automotive has a good industry in our country,,, there are many factories from several brands.... For me as a kid,,,, I just hope that my friend (age like me) won't get hurts from bump the bike which is too many in the street.... Be carefull as I do,,,,

Somedays,,, I wanna be a biker too
,,, not just as usual,,, but I wanna try to race... Hmmm,,, I hope my Dad's doesn't hear my wishes......

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